Phoenix|x-ray Advanced Industrial X-Ray & CT
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Greater precision, performance and productivity

Our award-winning Phoenix|x-ray solutions combine advanced industrial radiography and CT systems for an extremely wide range of inspection and metrology applications from scientific and industrial CT and 3D metrology to extremely high-resolution electronics inspections. Industry-leading innovation and expertise is built into every element of our proprietary hardware, software and services – making sure you’re able to find every defect with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

Improving speed and accuracy of lab and atline inspections

You won’t need to compromise the accuracy of your results for speed with our powerful, uniquely-designed X-ray CT systems for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D laboratory and atline inspection tasks, including 3D metrology and analysis. Inspect small to large samples of many different materials, objects and components with the highest precision.

Enhancing automation on your production line

Increase productivity without compromising image quality with in-line and at-line 3D inspection solutions. Our Phoenix Speed|scan CT64 scanner makes fully-automated in-line scanning possible, enabling 4x faster inspections than earlier models and over 100x faster inspections compared to conventional industrial fan-beam CT for large light metal castings. 

Giving you easier access to expertise and the latest technology

Access our latest technologies and expertise through our inspection services – from on-demand inspections at our Customer Solutions Centers (CSC), to rentals, training, customization, and consulting services. Inspection scanning services leveraging our latest Phoenix|x-ray CT solutions are available by the hour, scan, or project, in addition to our remote services for 24/7 technical support, problem diagnosis support and more.

Discover Our Products

Xaminer product photo

Phoenix X|aminer

Entry level 2D microfocus X-ray solution of unprecedented price-performance ratio for quality control of electronics such as components and PCBA, offering brilliant productivity and profitability across the globe with hundreds installations and over 10 years great reputation on the market.

phoenix micromex and nanomex neo

Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo

High precision 2D X-ray electronics inspection technology with 3D Computed Tomography (CT) option in one system, ideally suited for efficient non-destructive testing (NDT) of electronic components such as semiconductors, PCBAs, lithium-ion batteries and more.

2D XRay_Product 2_S240_600x400.

Phoenix V|tome|x S240

A highly versatile high-resolution system for 2D X-ray inspection and 3D computed tomography, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in a microCT and nanoCT scanner with up to 2x times faster microCT scans and doubled resolution.

Phoenix V|tome|x M300

Phoenix V|tome|x M300

The world’s first microCT scanner designed for 3D metrology and analysis with scatter|correct technology to automatically remove scatter artifacts for higher image quality. High-quality 3D micro- and nanoCT results and outstanding metrology precision with 300 kV penetration power enable improved safety and throughput.

Phoenix V|tome|x C CT scanner

Phoenix V|tome|x C450

A powerful, compact 450 kV precision CT scanner with optional Metrology edition specially designed small high for absorbing parts and large parts. Its production-oriented, low-maintenance design offers speed and flexibility allowing for combined semi-automated non-destructive testing and 3D metrology.

Phoenix Speedscan HD inline microCT scanner for battery inspection

Phoenix Speed|scan HD

The optimal microCT solution for fully automated high speed inlineCT production process control and optimization, e.g. in battery manufacturing or injection moulding. With exceptional voxel resolutions down to 25 microns at high throughput and artificial intelligence optimized automatic defect recognition (ADR) for pass/fail decisions and fully automated CT workflows, the Speed|scan HD system is setting new standards. 

Seifert x|cube - 2d X-ray for Automotive and Aerospace

Phoenix X|cube

The newest generation of Waygate Technologies’ X|cube series is faster, more flexible, and easier than ever to use. Designed for a wide range of applications, our highly versatile Compact, XL, and XXL models (160-450 kV) offer real-time 2D X-ray inspection of automotive and aerospace components, as well as castings, welded structures, plastics, ceramics, and special alloys.

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