Waygate Technologies launches new ultrasonic inspection solution Krautkrämer SpotVision

Waygate Technologies launches new ultrasonic inspection solution SpotVision

Waygate Technologies launches new ultrasonic inspection solution Krautkrämer SpotVision


Image-based spot weld inspection with a flexible probe head for deeper insights into the welding process in the automotive sector

HUERTH, Germany, September 19, 2022 – Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business and world leader in nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions for industrial inspection, introduces Krautkrämer SpotVision, a new phased array ultrasonic solution for spot weld inspection.

Krautkrämer SpotVision was developed specifically for the requirements of spot weld inspection in the automotive industry: By using the inspection device, e.g. on chassis parts during the manufacturing process, car companies can reduce downtime while ensuring that their products meet high quality standards and product safety is guaranteed. The Krautkrämer SpotVision solution combines a new phased array probe with latest software and the Krautkrämer Mentor UT flaw detector.

For the development of Krautkrämer SpotVision, we have worked closely with automotive manufacturers to ensure that the solution adapts to the requirements of their inspection processes, and provides outstanding inspection accuracy and repeatability. Thus, SpotVision not only meets the inspection requirements of today, but is also prepared for those of tomorrow, for a better and more productive workflow and safe quality products,” says Weiwei Zhang, Director of Product Management Ultrasound at Waygate Technologies in Huerth.

A unique product design for easy-to-handle operations

Features of Krautkrämer SpotVision include the completely newly designed 2D matrix phased array probe. Its fluid-filled membrane adapts to uneven surfaces and the overall complex geometry of spot welds better than any other probe and ensures optimal acoustic coupling to the test specimen. The flexible probe head design avoids false negative results, minimizing unnecessary changeover or calibration times. Combined with the new Total Focusing Method (TFM) image processing, higher resolution and measurement accuracy is achieved. The easy-to-handle probe operates at a frequency of 13 MHz and is supplied with an effective array of 32 elements and a pitch of 1.25 mm.

Compatible with the Krautkrämer portfolio

The portable instrument also features Mentor PC Live software, an intuitive and user-friendly interface that displays the data acquired by the instrument in real time. Krautkrämer SpotVision is designed to be used with the Krautkrämer Mentor UT phased array flaw detector that walks the inspector through every step of the instrument set up and is part of the solution. Customers already using a Mentor UT flaw detector have the option to upgrade. SpotVision can also be combined with other components from the Krautkrämer portfolio for joint inspection, such as the Krautkrämer Bond Scanner. Krautkrämer SpotVision is available now.

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