Radiography at Waygate Technologies: A Technology Update

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Waygate Technologies radiography is ever evolving to stay ahead of the curve and meet emerging customer needs.  Here is a compilation of our most recent technology updates. Please contact us to learn more.

1.  Metrology 2.0 available for Phoenix V|tome|x M system

As the importance of industrial Computed Tomography (CT) as a true, high precision metrology tool grows more and more, our Metrology|edition 1.0 has significantly improved to meet emerging needs. Our new Metrology|edition 2.0 is extending or replacing traditional metrology methods such as tactile or optical scanner at an increasingly fast pace. The updated metrology 2.0 specifies a higher accuracy according to VDI2630 of SD = 3.8 µm + L/100mm.

Additional technical highlights of Metrology|edition 1.0 versus 2.0:

  • New phantom (Ruby|plate) delivers 3X faster accuracy verification without user interaction
  • Enhanced True|position, laser-based manipulator calibration, can now specify a range of measuring positions versus being limited to two
  • Addition of temperature and humidity sensors for thermal drift compensation and tracking

Effective immediately, the Metrology|edition 2.0 feature is available for all new systems. The installed base of V|tome|x M systems with a compressed air table and direct measurement system can be upgraded.

2.  Bringing Computed Tomography (CT) technology to the production floor

As more companies move CT to the production floor, Waygate Technologies has developed these new add-ons to help seamlessly facilitate that shift: 

a) Sample|changer

To increase productivity for batch inspections, our highly flexible and automated sample|changer is pushing the productivity of V|tome|x M systems to the next level.

Key Highlights:

  • Up to 70% productivity increase for automated batch inspection 
  • Customized sample trays according to specific needs
  • Sample|changer perfectly matched with the automated Filter|changer

The Sample|changer is available for new and existing phoenix V|tome|x M systems 

b) Filter|changer

Working in tandem with the automated sample|changer or as a stand-alone solution, the automated filter|changer helps to significantly enhance productivity. The highest level of productivity can be achieved if Filter|changer and Sample|changer are combined.

Key Highlights:

  • Up to 10 filters can be set up according to application needs
  • The Filter|changer can be fully embedded into automated inspection workflow

The Filter|changer is available for new and existing (via upgrade) V|tome|x M and V|tome|x C 450 systems. 

3.0  New software features boosts CT performance

Software plays a crucial role in precise CT results. Our latest patented software updates further enhance our CT results, in three specific areas:

a) Multi|BHC (= multi beam hardening correction)

The Multi|BHC is designed to reduce artifacts and move beyond the limits of current artifact reduction algorithms. Specifically with multi-material parts where low and high absorption occurs next to each other, this unique filter technology will deliver superior data quality to help evaluate even interfaces between the different materials.

This new functionality is available for all Phoenix V|tome|x systems.

b) ASC|filter (= adaptive scatter correct filter)

The brand new ASC|filter significantly reduces artifacts caused by reduced grey values and is explicitly beneficial when medium to high absorbing samples are being scanned. The ASC|filter functionality is available for all V|tome|x systems in combination with Scatter|correct.

c) Datos|x 2.8.0

Our latest version of our premium CT Software Datos|x - 2.8.0 is now available, enabling the following capabilities:

  • + Metrology|edition 2.0 + Filter|changer + Multi|BHC
  • + Sample|changer                           + ASC|filter                          + full Windows 10 support
  • + Flash!|filters
  •    Flash!|filters are now part of our Datos|x 2.8.0 software to also leverage this  
  •    industry-leading image enhancement technology in our proprietary CT software.

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