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Highly accurate, versatile solutions to protect a range of critical assets

Protect your most valuable assets and ensure productivity using the most widely trusted non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions available. Built upon the Krautkrämer legacy, each of Waygate Technologies’ high-performance ultrasonic testing products was carefully designed to detect even the smallest flaws in a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. Common inspection applications include welds, forgings, bars/billets, tubing, and tank corrosion.

Reducing downtime

Be it downtime at a refinery or metal bar manufacturing facility, our flaw detectors, probes and transducers, advanced inspection software, scanners, and thickness gauges are designed to help provide long-term protection and pinpoint the source of a wide range of both common and uncommon faults. 

AppLab Service

Are you facing an urgent or high-cost inspection challenge? Or one for which neither internal resources suffice nor commercial off-the-shelf solutions exist? With the help of Waygate Technologies‘ AppLab Service, you can leverage our expertise to find a tailor-made solution for your specific requirement.

Krautkrämer 75 Years
Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Krautkrämer with us!

For three quarters of a century, Krautkrämer products have set the standard for industrial ultrasonic testing in numerous industries worldwide. While our technologies continue to evolve, our commitment to quality, reliability and safety remains at the heart of our products and services.

UT MWB Probes
ISO certification for all our MWB probes

Experience enhanced inspection capabilities with our upgraded Krautkrämer MWB angle beam probes, now ISO certified (ISO Standard 22232-2) at no extra cost. As part of our 75th anniversary celebration, we're making ISO certification a standard feature on our MWB angle beam probe line. Benefit from consistent performance and ISO compliance without extra charge. 

Coming Soon: Krautkrämer USM 100
Available now: Flaw Detection Redefined!

The latest star in a long history of ultrasonic inspection innovations

Building on a legacy of high-performance
Please welcome the new Krautkrämer USIPIxs CV.

The next generation multi-channel inspection platform is now available and succeeds our industry proven USIP 40.

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Special discount on our ultrasonic phased array solutions
Best-in-class phased array probes at an extraordinary price

From now until October 31st we offer a substantial discount on all our phased array probes. Customers who consider buying our probes together with our powerful Mentor UT flaw detector can get hold of an even higher rebate.

LM2500 assist-S

The smart way to acquire, analyze and act on inspection data.

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Raise the bar on UT inspections

Mentor UT Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector 

Krautkrämer ROTA
Automated UT Systems

Turnkey solutions backed by 30 years of expertise

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Ultrasonic probes for any application

Find more than 600 options in our catalogs

Discover Our Diverse Family of Ultrasonic Testing Solutions:

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Ultrasonic Transducers and Probes

Used for a wide variety of ultrasonic testing tasks such as flaw detection, thickness gauging, weld and bond testing, and more. 

Includes contact, phased array, immersion, custom transducers, and more.

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Flaw Detectors

Field-tested portable ultrasonic testing solutions for fast, accurate inspections for internal product integrity, searching for defects, cracks, and other discontinuities.

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Thickness Gauges

Our advanced line of ultrasonic testing gauges is designed to measure thickness with precision. 

Get accurate, reliable, and comprehensive thickness inspection data for a wide range of applications.

AppLab Service

AppLab Service

World class inspection solutions for the most challenging applications
• Staffed by highly trained engineers with decades of NDT experience
• Operational record of more than 30 years
• Over 10,000 custom products created
• Global reach across all major industries

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Automated UT Systems

Industrial ultrasonic testing systems built to ensure the safety and reliability of your most critical assets. 

Don’t just assess the quality of individual components, but eliminate upstream generated defects during manufacturing to boost your bottom line.

Ultrasonic Testing Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ultrasonic Testing?

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a form of non-destructive testing (NDT) that employs high-frequency sound waves for the purpose of characterizing the thickness or internal structure of a given sample. The frequencies used for UT are typically in the range of 500 kHz to 20 Mhz.

As a non-destructive testing method, ultrasonic testing is ideally suited to the detection of flaws, defects, and welded seams where destruction of the target sample is not an option.

In addition to detecting flaws in production samples, periodic UT inspections are also perfect for checking for corrosion in existing equipment, such as pipelines, and is therefore an indispensable part of any predictive maintenance program.

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What Materials Can be Tested?

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is ideally suited for the inspection of material structures such as metals, ceramics, plastics, and composites.

While denser materials up to and including concrete can be successfully inspected, the output resolution is usually less-defined.

Highly porous biological materials such as wood and paper do not react well to ultrasonic testing.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Testing

Some of the many advantages of Ultrasonic Testing (UT) include, but are not limited to:

  • High definition flaw detection that also penetrates deeper than other NDT methods
  • Can be used when only one side of the sample can be accessed
  • Greater accuracy over other non-destructive testing (NDT) methods
  • In addition to flaw detection, UT can also give you the orientation, shape, and size of the defect
  • Non-hazardous, unlike Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • UT lends itself to automated solutions, suited for production floor testing as well as very small, portable form factors for walk-around and fieldwork
  • Unlike Radiographic Testing which requires time to develop film, UT results can be obtained - and shared - instantaneously


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Limitations of Ultrasonic Testing

While Ultrasonic Testing (UT) offers many benefits over other non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, there are still some inherent drawbacks:

  • UT inspection requires skilled technicians for set up, operation, and interpretation of results
  • Some more complex, thin, or otherwise irregularly shaped samples may prove more difficult to inspect
  • If your target material has loose or scaling paint, this will need to be removed prior to testing to ensure an accurate reading
  • Radiographic Testing (RT) may have a higher degree of sensitivity, and thus accuracy, for inclusions and other volumetric flaws
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) gauges in most cases need to be calibrated according to the target material being tested, which requires time and expertise
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) are more expensive when compared to other non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies


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What industries use Ultrasonic Testing?

There are numerous applications where industrial ultrasonic testing makes sense, but industries that rely on UT to a large degree are:

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Where can I get training on Ultrasonic Testing?

While there are several resources available for non-destructive testing training, Waygate Technologies offers NDT training across the broadest range of inspection methods, which are offered around the globe, or at a location of your choice.

Get your team up to speed on the latest in NDT today!


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See ultrasonic testing in action

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