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How we empower your efficiency


Despite your shirnking resources, the magnitude of your job doesn't go away. That's why we're here to support you with solutions that streamline your day-to-day operations. So you can make "doing more with less" a reality.

Nimble in every way.

We’re always advancing our VideoProbe portfolio, including the Everest Mentor Flex, to meet the demands you face. From a variety of tip adapters, to innovative touchscreen technology, to unprecedented articulation, to wireless data transfer, to low cost of ownership, we’re in lock step with your needs.

And features like Automated Defect Recognition and automatic blade counting reduces inspection time by taking on repetitive tasks. Now that’s smart. Its InspectionWorks universal software platform combines data from multiple tools to connect the entire inspection history of your asset. This enables you to create a digital twin of your asset throughout its lifecycle. And serves up data in a way that allows you to make better decisions, faster. 

Take a BIKE for a spin.

Our magnetic wheeled robotic crawler navigates tight spaces and timelines—saving you confined space entry permit costs, while delivering higher quality NDT data remotely. BIKE can scale vertical walls inside and outside pipeline structures as well as climb over obstacles. It can be equipped with UT probes, PTZ or structured light cameras and automatically tags NDT data to a digital twin. 

HD images with no entry? Now it's possible.

Our FAST technology can perform comprehensive remote visual inspections of confined spaces with minimal intervention, saving you precious time. Adaptable to many camera models, FAST RVI can quickly deliver the benefits you need.  

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