micromex release

New release of Phoenix Nanome|x and microme|x Neo

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micromex release

Earlier this year, Waygate Technologies launched a new release of our Phoenix Nanome|x and Microme|x Neo product, introducing the latest industry standard for microfocus and Nanofocus X-ray and CT—including Planar CT--inspection capability with a focus on electronics inspection applications. The new release provides: 

  • More detector options to better suit multiple applications
  • An optimized X-ray tube to protect X-ray-sensitive components
  • Enhanced software features for increased efficiency and ease of use



micromex release

Applications: The updated product offers a broad array of applications across two key industry verticals displayed above.

Key features and benefits:

  • Ultra-high-resolution detector option with 100/85μm pixel size for small sized components and semiconductors
  • Smart X-ray tube and dose measurement protects (inspected) components from prolonged X-ray radiation
  • Automatic inspection reports are generated for enhanced efficiency and ease of use
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) interface and CAD file import option increase system interconnectivity 

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