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Ultrasonic Contact Probes, for flaw detection and sizing.

Ultrasonic angle beam transducers are preferred for parts with inclined flaws, such as welds, and are sometimes used in mechanized or automated testing. They use refraction to transmit shear or longitudinal waves at a predetermined angle, while most standard transducers generate shear waves by mode conversion. Elements are mounted on integral or replaceable wedges, requiring a couplant layer, typically a gel, oil or paste.

Our angle beam probes are available in both single and dual element types, and in multiple sizes.




  • European models have integral wedge
  • Maximum precision and repeatability for DGS flaw sizing method
  • Durable, ergonomically designed die cast housing
  • Replacement soles (sold separately) for extended service life
  • North American models have interchangeable wedges (sold separately)
  • Maximum versatility and service life
  • • Custom wedge angles and curvatures can be special ordered

  • Lemo 1 connector on WB and WK types, side mount standard, top mount optional
  • Lemo 00 connector on SWB and SWK types, side mount
  • AWS models available for AWS Structural Welding Code D1.1
  • High temperature wedges available for testing to 200°C (400°F)
  • BNC connector, top mount

  • General weld inspection, larger objects, thicker sections
  • Pipes, tanks, pressure vessels
  • Axles, forgings, castings
  • Bridges and other structures
  • Railroad wheels and rail
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