power generation inspector using everest mentor flex video borescope to inspect plant for defects.

Powerful Visual Inspection Solutions

Our video borescopes and PTZ inspection cameras offer electric cooperatives and utilities more efficient, and cost-effective ways to manage your infrastructure.

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Visual inspection solutions for your power generation needs

With mounting demand to get inspections done quicker and cheaper, without compromising the accuracy of the results, most equipment can’t withstand the pressure. Combining portability with military-grade durability, the Everest Mentor Flex answers the call for the power industry to meet the challenges of the day. 

Best-in-class image quality, long-lasting articulation and powerful digital tools ensure consistent and accurate inspections from gearboxes to gas turbines — all to help you make smart decisions, fast.

Zoomed out image of  wind turbines in a bean field with clouds in the background.

Wind Gearbox

Guided inspections reduce variability and decrease errors, with consistent file tagging and automatic report generation, gearbox inspections are faster and data is easier to share.

Close up of gas turbine engine.

Gas Turbine

 Intuitive interface, advanced image processing with optional Real3D measurement and data sharing tools make unplanned BSIs efficient and decisive.

Landscape view of power plant with stacks and sunrise in the background.

Balance of Plant

Inspect heat exchangers, pumps, generators, piping and more, for longer, with a lightweight and ergonomic design, built with military-grade toughness.

Technician inspecting turbine engine with the best mid-range video borescope, Everest Mentor Flex.
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We now offer a FREE 3-day trial of our Everest Mentor Flex video borescope. With all the measurement capabilities you need at the price you want, see for yourself how the Mentor Flex video probe can enhance your visual inspections.

Everest Mentor Flex features
Powerful Articulation
High Probability of Detection
Digital Tools & Connectivity
Intuitive Interface
Powerful Articulation

With an upgraded articulation design founded on high-power steering motors, the Everest Mentor Flex allows technicians to effortlessly navigate even the most challenging inspection paths, resulting in less time spent searching and more time spent capturing and analyzing indications —  at a fraction of the time and cost. Two and a half times more torque than today’s motors provides an increase of 42% in articulation range.  And 16% less friction gives an ultra-responsive feel while extending articulation over the life of the product.

Wind turbine gearboxes are designed with tight tolerances and can be a challenge to safely navigate. Advanced articulation, in combination with our near-focal optical tips, make for faster and easier gear tooth inspections.


Close up of an inspector in a green uniform using Mentor Flex video borescope to inspect a gas engine turbine.
Free Trial
We now offer a free trial of our Everest Mentor Flex video borescope for customers looking to try its excellent measurement capabilities before they buy.
High Probability of Detection

With amazing image quality, this industrial video borescope provides clarity to inspectors to produce more accurate inspections. The combination of precision optics, image processing and transformations, the Mentor Flex increases your probability of detection.

Often during gas turbine inspections, image transforms such as Dark Boost and HDR can provide the extra details required to make the right call for maintenance requirements.


Mentor Flex video borescope attached to engine and iPad demonstrating High Dynamic Range improved visibility.
Improved visbility
High Dynamic Range reduces visual noise to give inspectors the clearest picture possible during power inspections.
Digital Tools & Connectivity

The Mentor Flex provides wireless digital services out of the box from the InspectionWorks platform.  

  • Plan for repeat inspections by creating a Menu Directed Inspection template
  • Automatically backup inspection data to the cloud
  • Reporting templates and auto-generation
  • Share the video borescope screen, or provide local control to Android, or iOS device



Screenshot of the InspectionWorks platform library with a history of previous inspections and their details.
InspectionWorks for power generation
InspectionWorks is a free software that connects your borescope to a secure cloud storage. This allows inspectors to share information and asset histories as well as compare inspection videos.
Intuitive Interface

Point to What You Need

The Everest Mentor Flex’s virtual keyboard enables 300% faster annotation, and its multi-point touchscreen provides pinch-to-zoom as well as swipe and pan gesture functionality. Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) empowers inspectors with auto-image smart tagging and automatic report generation, plus customizable user profiles and an embedded help menu. Last, but certainly not least, InspectionWorks Connect takes inspections to the future with wireless video streaming and file transfer to iOS devices over dual-band Wi-Fi.


Close up of Mentor Flex video borescope using Menu Directed Inspection to make inspections easier.
Menu Directed Inspection
Menu Direct Inspection (MDI) creates consistent workflows for technicians to follow, effectively speeding up the inspection process.

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