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OEM Replacement Parts

Waygate Technologies offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts, which means the spare parts are made by the same company that makes our industrial x-ray inspection systems worldwide, ensuring that our customers have the right parts for optimal machine performance. This means that your industrial x-ray equipment will always receive original spare parts. And with our supporting services agreements (SSA) and remote services agreements (RSA), you are sure to receive the services and parts, right the first time and when you need them, to keep your plant up and running smoothly.

We have a wide range of spare parts that are classified as:

Consumables: Parts that are used relatively quickly and replaced as needed to ensure proper machine functioning, including coolant, bulbs, O-rings, filters, plug-ins and targets among others.

Spare Parts: Common parts that will break through the life of the industrial x-ray equipment including high voltage cable, power supplies, relays, electronic boards, CNC motors among others.

Capital Parts: Core parts of an x-ray inspection system including closed tubes, detectors and generators that wear out over time and need to be replaced depending on your machine use case and usage profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Radiography Spare Parts
How can I expedite a spare shipment?

Our supporting services agreements (SSA) are designed to provide our customers with prioritized shipping. Please find more information here

How can I receive field service support?

For more information contact your local service manager or open a remote support case at


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